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    • Privacy and discretion before, during and after the trip.
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    • Transportation to and from the airport.
    • Additional services are subject to the departure place and destination.

    The Value of
    Small details

    Ambulancia aérea y medevac

    Servicio inmediato y seguro de transporte aéreo para personal médico, pacientes y de evacuación médica.

    Jets a pedido

    Inmediatez, seguridad y exclusividad a tu ritmo. Viaja cuando lo necesites.

    Vuelos charter comerciales y en grupo

    Toda la capacidad de grandes aeronaves con la exclusividad de un vuelo privado.

    Vuelos charter gubernamentales

    Seguros, privados, cómodos, e inmediatos para altos ejecutivos.


    Respuesta inmediata en vuelos de emergencia médica o evacuaciones.

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    Receive updated prices in real time of all our available aircraft.

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    We will confirm the availability of your flight with the final price and we will send you a personalized quote.

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    We prepare everything so you can leave at the date and time you want.

    “To be in motion is to understand that good service has no limits and whether by land, water or sky, we will be prepared to go anywhere in our style.”

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    Jet Setter Card

    Our Jet Setter card is ideal for the traveler on the go. Simplify your travels and enjoy the freedom of booking charter flights without the hassle of paperwork every time you travel, unlike our other cards, the Jet Setter card allows unlimited access to all 2Group charter services such as private jets, VIP planes, air ambulances, private helicopters, ground transportation and yachts. The Jet Setter Card works like a debit card and allows members to enjoy the convenience of streamlined transactions by eliminating the headache of currency conversions and exchange fees.


    • Access to all world
    • No currency exchange fees
    • No membership or administration fees
    • Confirm flights with just an email
    • No need for a contract

    2Group and subsidiaries are not direct US carriers. 2Group is a registered trademark of non-aircraft operating charter brokers. 2Group is a North and South American company that markets charter flights on different aircraft registered and operated by duly authorized US airlines.

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